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Regularly considered one of the best places to live, Montville, NJ, expect its law enforcement officers to maintain the peace and tranquility that the residents have come to enjoy. With a population in excess of 20,000, as well as any visitor or commuter traffic, Montville, NJ, has issued a large number of criminal and traffic tickets in the last two years. The Montville Municipal Court has seen 7,646 traffic tickets (over 100 being DWIs) and 1,148 criminal offenses in the past two years alone. If history tells us anything, it’s that these number will likely continue, if not increase in the years to come. Both residents and nonresidents are susceptible to strict imposition of the law by the Montville Police. If you or someone you love is facing charges for drug possession or driving while intoxicated then our law firm is available for provide a free case evaluation. Our team of attorneys can be reached at 973-971-0030.

Montville New Jersey Municipal Court Information

The Montville Municipal Court is located at 360 Route 202, Montville, New Jersey 07045. The main telephone number for the court is (973)335-1022. The fax number is (973)335-8941.

The Montville Municipal Court neets every Monday at 4:30 p.m. A language line service is available to serve the needs of those with minimum or no knowledge of the English language.

The Montville Municipal Court presiding judge is the Honorable Joseph E. Deming, J.M.C. The Court Administrator is Sherry Pressman. The chief prosecutor is Daniel Danzi, esq. The DWI prosecutor is Denis Driscoll, esq. The telephone number for the Montville Police Department is (973)257-4300.

Montville NJ Vehicular Homicide Charges

In the state of New Jersey, if someone has driven his or her vehicle recklessly and caused the death of another as a result, this accident may result in a conviction for criminal homicide. This offense is very serious and will result in significant prison time and a criminal record. Vehicular homicides are often complicated matters that have other charges closely intertwined such as a DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, or manslaughter.

In general, the crime of vehicular homicide is an offense of the second degree which carries a presumption of imprisonment and can result in 5 – 10 years of jail time. The crime gets escalated to a first degree felony if the fatal accident occurred while the defendant was driving drunk through a school crossing, or within 1,000 feet of school property. In addition, the individual will be required to forfeit the vehicle used in the commission of the crime. It is also important to note that a charge of vehicular homicide does not preclude the court from charging an individual with aggravated manslaughter or leaving the scene of the accident. A separate sentence shall be imposed upon each such conviction and those sentences will run consecutively. It is not a defense that individual did not know that death resulted from the accident nor that the accident was not the defendant’s fault.

Know your rights and protect them by contacting an experienced vehicular homicide attorney. The Law Offices of John F. Marshall help minimize penalties and utilize a comprehensive defense strategy created by former prosecutors with over 100 years of combined legal experience. Protect your rights and contact our skilled Montville Township criminal defense attorneys at 973-971-0030 and remember our initial consultation is always provided free of charge.