Long Hill Township Municipal Court

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Our team of criminal lawyers at The Offices of John F. Marshall represent clients charged with drunk drivingmarijuana possession, and disorderly conduct in Long Hill Township. Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout Morris County on a daily basis. If you have been charged with any criminal matter it is important that you contact an experienced firm with a proven criminal defense record. Contact our offices anytime for immediate assistance at (973)971-0030.

Long Hill Township is one of the least dense and most scenic municipalities in Morris County. The Township consists of four communities: village of Gillette, Millington and Stirling, and the hamlet of Meyersville.

Long Hill Township NJ Municipal Court Information

The Long Hill Municipal Court is located at 915 Valley Rd., Gillette, NJ. The Long Hill Traffic/Criminal Court is held twice each month on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall and is open to the public. For additional information on the Long Hill Township Municipal Court, see their official website at www.longhillnj.us.

The Violations Bureau located at the Town Hall should be contacted in order to determine the amount of the penalty for any summons you have received. If you receive a summons and wish to plead not guilty to the offense, you must notify the Court Administrator at least 7 days prior to the scheduled court date. Some matters (i.e. noise complaints) are referred to the Community Dispute Resolution Committee for mediation rather than a formal hearing before the judge.

The Long Hill Township Municipal Court phone number is (908) 647-8000. The presiding judge is the Honorable James D. Bride. Ann Naylor is the Municipal Court Administrator and can be reached at ext.230. Lisa Chadwick Thompson is the Municipal Court Prosecutor and can be reached at ext. 236.

Defending your Drug Charges in Long Hill Municipal Court

The criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have extensive experience handling all types of drug cases involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs and other illegal substances. Our experienced lawyers are frequently able to reduce the charges against clients, and are even sometimes able to get the case dismissed entirely. Our lawyers work hard to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case by examining how evidence was obtained and analyzing if our client’s rights were violated through illegal searches and seizures. Evidence that was obtained illegally through a coerced confession or invalid search cannot be used against you and is a violation of your rights.

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