Jefferson Township Municipal Court

Jefferson Township NJ Criminal and Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Typically, the Jefferson Municipal Court deals with cases involving traffic violations (including DWI offenses), criminal disorderly persons offenses, petty disorderly offenses, fish and game, forest, park and local ordinance violations. Referring specifically to Jefferson Township’s numbers, over 400 disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses were filed, another 3,600 tickets were issued for traffic violations. Of those traffic tickets, 69 of them involved a DWI. Our law firm has a strong understanding of the New Jersey Municipal Court system, specifically Jefferson Township. Our Morris County criminal defense lawyers are familiar in Jefferson Municipal Court, due to their past appearances. We have two offices Morris County offices located in Parsippany and Morristown. For those who have been charged with any type of criminal offense in Jefferson Township, please contact us for a free initial consultation. Our attorneys can be reached at 973-971-0030.

Jefferson Township NJ Municipal Court Information

The Jefferson Municipal Court is located in the Municipal Building at 1033 Weldon Road in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey 07849. You can reach the court by telephone at 973-208-6129 or fax at 973-208-7532.

The Jefferson Municipal Court meets 5 times each month, 1 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month and every other Thursday at 7:30 p.m.. Special sessions may be scheduled as needed to handle DWI matters. The court’s hours are 9 AM to 4 PM weekdays. A language line service is available to serve the needs of those with minimum or no knowledge of the English language.

The Jefferson Municipal Court presiding judge is the Honorable C. William Bowkley, Jr. The Court Administrator is Elizabeth Mertz and she can be reached by telephone at 973-208-6125. The Assistant Court Administrator is Patricia Roskowsky and the Prosecutor is James LaSala who can be reached by telephone at 973-831-7757. The telephone number for the local Police is 973-697-1300.

For more information, please visit the Jefferson Township Municipal website.

Jefferon Township NJ Disorderly Persons Criminal Charges

In New Jersey, we do not have felonies and misdemeanors as most states do. Instead, we have indictable criminal offenses and disorderly persons charges. Indictable criminal charges are graded as first degree, second degree, third degree, or fourth degree criminal offenses and must be handled at the Superior Court in the county in which the alleged crime occurred. Disorderly persons charges are punishable by a maximum of six (6) months in the county jail and must be handled at the local municipal court in which the alleged crime took place. For example, a third degree aggravated assault charge which was charged in Jefferson Township must be handled at the Morris County Superior Court in Morristown, New Jersey. On the other hand, if the defendant is charged with simple assault (a disorderly persons offense), this charge will be litigated in the Jefferson Township Municipal Court.

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