Credit Card Fraud

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The umbrella term of credit card fraud includes a variety of specific acts that involve false statements and unlawful use of a credit, either belonging to you or another. These subset acts of credit card fraud encompass, but are not limited to the following: Making False Statements to Procure Issuance of a Credit Card; Use of a Credit Card Knowing it has been Revoked, Forged or Expired; Fraud Committed by the Provider of Money, Goods or Services; Receipt of Anything of Value as a Result of Credit Card Fraud; and Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card. Credit card fraud is an indictable offense that is handled at Morris County Superior Court in Morristown and can carry up to five years in a New Jersey State Prison. If you are concerned about your credit card fraud charges or the charges against someone you love, contact our Morristown or Parsippany office at (973)971-0030 and find out how we can help.

Credit Card Fraud: N.J.S. 2C:21-6(h)

Credit card fraud charges in New Jersey are governed by N.J.S. 2C:21-6(h) which provides:

h. Fraudulent use of credit cards.

A person who knowingly uses any counterfeit, fictitious, altered, forged, lost, stolen or fraudulently obtained credit card to obtain money, goods or services, or anything else of value; or who, with unlawful or fraudulent intent, furnishes, acquires, or uses any actual or fictitious credit card, whether alone or together with names of credit cardholders, or other information pertaining to a credit card account in any form, is guilty of a crime of the third degree.

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in New Jersey

As the above statute enumerates, credit card fraud in New Jersey is a third degree crime. Third degree charges include between three (3) to five (5) years in state prison if convicted. Unlike second degree or first degree crimes, third degree offenses do not have a presumption of incarceration. This means that, depending on your criminal history, a probationary sentence is possible. Moreover, if you have no prior criminal history, you are eligible for the Pre-Trial Intervention program if charged with a third degree credit card fraud offense.

These charges are also typically accompanied by theft by deception charges. The theft charges are graded depending on the amount of the theft involved. For example, if the alleged credit card fraud is in an amount totaling $1,000.00, you will be facing a third degree credit card fraud and a third degree theft by deception charge.

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